09 Common Job Interview Question & Answers – सीखों Smart Answers

In today’s English speaking Lesson in Hindi your Trainer Jenny brings you 9 Job Interview Questions and Answers that are commonly asked in a Job Interview. Learn the best possible Job Interview answers and clear your job interview with flying colours. Jenny explains to you what do the job interview questions mean and how to answer them correctly in English. This English speaking practice lesson would be extremely useful for those who want to get their dream job and achieve job interview success.

Q1 –  Tell me something about yourself?

  • Hello, My name is Rihan.
  • I am from Mumbai.
  • I am born in Mumbai.
  • I studied Marketing.
  • I have 2 years of experience in marketing.
  • In my spare time, I love reading books, watch movies & also do cycling as it helps me in staying fit.
  • Kindly introduce yourself?
  • Run me through CV?

CV – Curriculum Vitae (Bio-data)

Q2- Tell me something about your previous work experience?

  • I was working with XYZ company as a marketing assistant.
  • As a marketing assistant, I used to update web content & edit press releases.

Q3 – Why are you leaving /left your previous job?

  • As I am relocating to this area due to family circumstances, therefore I left my previous job.
  • I am interested in new challenges and opportunities.
  • So that I can use my technical skills in the best possible way.

Q4- What is your greatest strength?

  • I have strong communication skills.
  • It helps me in working well with my clients, team members & executives.

Q5- What is your greatest weakness?

  • I am short tempered.
  • I am very impatient.
  • I am not that good with MS Excel.
  • I am a perfectionist so I tend to perhaps spend a little too much time in completing my work & then checking it.

Q6- Why should we hire you?

  • My skill-set seems to be a perfect match for what you are looking for.
  • I enjoy working with people.

Q7- How do you handle stress & pressure?

  • I found that I enjoy working in a challenging environment.
  • I actually work better under pressure.
  • Because of the deadline we need to complete the given task.
  • Also in any case, I try my best not to let down my team.

Q8- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • In my long term goals, I want to involve growing with your company, where I can continue to learn & would like to take on additional responsibilities.

Q9- What are your salary expectations?

  • With my experience, I would like to receive something in the range of Rs. 15000-20000.
  • As I am a fresher, I leave this to the company’s policy.
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