Easy Words, Hard Pronunciation | 40 Daily Use English Words That Are Always Mispronounced

English pronunciation is a bit tricky as it’s the language of sounds. Most beginners in English struggle with English pronunciation as they try to mix the sounds from their native language. I have come across many students who mispronounce simple daily used English words. In this English pronunciation lesson, I have picked up 40 such words that are always mispronounced. I have broken them for easy understanding and written them Hindi be quicker understanding. I hope this lesson would help you correct some common pronunciation mistakes and speak English more confidently.

At Learnex, we always try to bring you English lesson that are practical and easy to follow. Our spoken English lesson plans are perfect to practice ‘Real Speak’ ( The way English is spoken in the real world). Even if you are able to memorise 5 out of the 15 sentences, it would be a great to enhance your English communication skills.

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