Learn To Speak Fluent English – Correct Pronunciation & Stress Of Nouns & Verbs In Sentences

You know Basic English and want to know How could you improve your spoken English, after all how long would you speak English like a beginner. It’s time to increase your English fluency and speak English fluently and confidently. In this English speaking Lesson in Hindi with your English teacher Michelle, learn the correct pronunciation and word stress of nouns and verbs in a sentence to speak English in an expressive way. 

Michelle has explained how one word in English could change it’s meaning only by the way it is pronounced. A word could be a noun and a verb depending on it’s pronunciation. Most often words are mispronounced in English changing their meaning completely. This English lesson would help you to improve your English Pronunciation and avoid some common mistakes  made while pronouncing English words making your speak more confidently in spoken English.

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