English Grammar Lesson – Present Continuous Tense in Hindi

I have always experienced people either making excessive use of the present continuous tense or making no use of it at all. This English tense is simple to understand and must be used appropriately. Therefore I decided to make a brief English speaking practice lesson for with English tenses with a short exercise for my viewers. Note the signal words for this tense will be now /at the moment/this week, this evening etc. as these indicate that the action is continuous or in progress. This free online English Grammar lesson /video will educate people to make the right usage of this tense. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Amit is driving to work.

Here, Amit is on his way to work and is currently driving, he has not finished driving as he is still on his way to work and hence the action of driving is continued as we speak.

Such actions that remain continuous at the moment OR are happening now are referred to as present continuous tense .Let us study additional examples.

  1. The kids are playing with the phone.

This sentence clearly states that currently OR NOW the kids are playing on the phone, they have not finished playing yet, again an example where the action is currently continued.

  1. Are you enjoying the movie?

Say, you go for a movie and whilst the movie is still on, you want to ask your friend whether he/she is enjoying it or not? Note, this is because the action of watching the movie is still in progress.

  1. The population of the world is rising very fast.

The above sentence depicts the current population of the world that is rising very fast and hence talks about an event that is in progress or continuous.

  1. Is your English getting better?

Although a question, it is still an example of a present continuous tense.

Viewers, please use the following exercise to practice this tense, please make use of the verb in the bracket, and please ensure you use the present continuous form of the verb.

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