Learn Correct Pronunciation Of 30 Car Brand Names | How to Pronounce Car Brands?

Brand Names are often mispronounced in English, as these are foreign names and beginners in English are confused about how to pronounce brand names correctly and some common mistakes in English pronunciation. In this English Pronunciation Lesson in Hindi with Aakash, you will learn correct pronunciation of 30 Car brand names and understanding of the types of cars in the market.  Most of these are famous car brands and found globally, so when you are talking about cars in English, you will be more confident pronouncing these names correctly. It will help you speak English fluently and confidently when it comes to discussing about cars. Aakash has given a detailed explanation of each car, especially about Tesla Electric car and it’s functions. ( Tesla Model S & Model X) 

Types of Cars : – 

  • Hatchback ( Maruti Swift)
  • Sedan (Honda City)
  • Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) eg. Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Cross Over – Combination of a SUV and hatchback  eg. Tata Aria
  • Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) eg. Honda CRV, Mahindra XUV
  • Coupe – 2 door sports ( KOO-P / KOO-PE)
  • Convertible (KUN-VER-TI-BL)


Marazzo – mer-aat-so 
Alturas – ul-tu-ras 

Nexon – nex-un  
Tiago – Tee-ya-go.
Tigor – Tee-gor 
Hexa – Heg-za. 
Harrier – Ha-ree-ear. 
Zest – zey-st. small sedan

Hyundai – hyoon-day (Just like Sunday) 
Korean Car Manufacturer 
Hyundai was the first automaker to offer  10-year/100,000-mile warranty, 

Volkswagen – Folks-va-gun
Volkswagen was founded by Adolf Hitler in 1937.
The original Volkswagen Beetle was one of the best-selling cars for the entire 20th century
Volkswagen owns many other automakers, including luxury brands like Lamborghini, Audi,Porsche and Bentley.

Lamborghini  – Lam-ber-gini 

Audi – OWW-dee not Aw-Di

Skoda – Sh-Koda

Tesla  Tez-la

Ford – FAWD
One of the first to make cars, 110 years ago
American Car Manufacturer
The quadricycle was the first vehicle that Henry Ford ever built, and it was completed in 1896.

BMW – bey-em-vey ( German Pronunciation) 

Porsche – Por-sha. German 
Harley Davidson uses Porsche engines in some of their bikes.

Mercedes – Mer-say-deez
Slang term Merch
The logo of the company represents air, land, and water.
The first car in the country of Nepal was a Mercedes-Benz, given to its king in 1940.
Mercedes-Benz vehicles were the first to have brakes on all four wheels.

Mitusubishi –    Japanese 
Sold around 160 corntries
In india it’s know for it’s car Lancer

Slang term Chevy – American – General Motors division
SUVs were first ever manufactured by Chevrolet

Renault – Remove L & T – Re-no

Toyota  – T-yo-ta.

Lexus [LEK] + [SUHS]
Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota.

Jaguar – Jag-you-r
British Car Company 
Now owned by Indian Car Maker Tata Motors

Volvo – Wall-vo 
Mainly make trucks 
Indian Fire engines are replaced with Volvo 

Ferrari – f-raa-ri

Nissan –  Nee-saan
Japnese Car Manufacturer
Was originally Known as Datsun (Dat-sun)

Isuzu – E-soo-zoo
Japnese – Commercial & Diesel Engine 

Peugeot – poo-zho 

CITROEN – seet-tro-en

Kia -Kee-yaa
Available in 190 countries

Morris Garages – Maw-ris G-raa-geez

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