Using ‘I wish + Past Simple /Past Perfect Tense For Wishes & Regrets | English Grammar Rules

In this English Grammar lesson in Hind you will learn the correct use of ‘I wish’ to express a wish or regret in English. There are two ways to use ‘i wish’ In English conversation and most people often make some common grammar mistakes while using it.

1. I wish + Past simple tense

Used when you regret doing something in the present and that can be still done. You can correct a mistake or situation in the present.

2. I Wish + Past perfect tense

Again used to express a regret in the present, but whatever wrong you’ve done cannot be reversed, you can’t do anything about it in the present.

We never use ‘I wished’ – never add an -ed in such sentence structures. I hope this English grammar lesson will teach you how to make sentences with ‘I wish’ and you will use them correctly in spoken English. Also take a Grammar quiz at the end of the lesson to understand how much you have learned from this lesson.


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