‘Had’ शब्द के 05 मतलब सीखों

In today’s English speaking practice lesson you will learn how to use the word HAD in 5 different ways in English conversation. HAD is used to describe a past action. An action that occurred in the past. As we all know that English is an interesting language and there is always more to learn. So learn the 5 different uses of the word HAD and some example sentences to understand it better.

Had is used to tell that you ate something in the past.

  • I had (ate) burger at Mc’Donalds.
  • I had my dinner at 7 PM.
  • I had pasta and ice-cream at Rohan’s party.

Had is used to tell what did you drink.

  • I had a chilled cola sometime back.
  • I had 2 shots of black coffee.
  • I had 2 pegs of whiskey at the party.

Had is used to describe feelings

  • I had a doubt that the cash was missing.
  • Sheela had an emotional breakdown after her break-up.

Had is used to talk about illness.

  • She had fever last week.
  • I had fractured my leg while playing football.

Had is used to show you possessed something

  • I had a small apartment before I moved here.
  • I had a BMW car 2 years ago.
  • I had the drive for all the old songs, I misplaced it somewhere.
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