English Pronunciation सुधारने का सबसे आसान तरीका | Syllable Stress Part 01

In this Free syllable stress English lesson in Hindi with Alisha, you will learn the key improve your English pronunciation quickly. Communicating in English can get very tricky and difficult if we do not have the knowledge of correct English pronunciations.
Therefore, to be able to pronounce words correctly, the concepts of syllable and syllable stress are critical. Trainer Alisha has presented the co-relation between syllable stress and pronunciations in this video with examples of words that have 2, 3 and 4 syllables.

Examples of words with 2 syllables are Water (Wa-ter) and purple (pur-pel) both of these words can be broken into two parts.

Examples of words with 3 syllables: Holiday (Ho-li-day), Doctor (Doc-t-r), Media (Me-d-ia), these words can be broken or divided into 3 parts.

Examples of words with 4 syllables: Geography (G-e-o-graphy), Application (App-li-ca-tion), Entertainment (En-ter-tain-ment), Certificate (Cer-ti-fi-cate) are words that have 4 syllables in them.

Pronunciation is simply the way a word is spoken or said. Syllable is the smallest part of a word when divided or broken into parts. Dividing or breaking the word into small parts makes it easy to pronounce and spell. Syllable stress is the emphasis that is provided on one syllable over the other in a word. The stress or emphasis provided to a particular syllable is the key to pronounce the word correctly.
Make the best use of the examples in the video and practice syllables stress to get pronunciations right.

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