Prepositions of Time – English Grammar Lesson in Hindi

This English speaking practice video is on prepositions of Time in English Grammar. This is a free online video to aid the English learners in an easy and effective way to use prepositions that denote time. I have presented this matter with some keywords or key elements to help learners identify and select the right preposition while constructing a sentence. I have used each preposition in a sentence that is simple and hence will be an example of the right usage of the word. This English Grammar Lesson is explained in Hindi to improve English fluency and speak fluent English through Hindi.

1. At – Specific Time
At as a preposition denotes specific time.

I will meet you at 8 tonight.
Let us meet at lunch time today

2. On- Days and Date
On is used to denote the day i.e Monday or Tuesday etc and can be used to specify the date as well.

I have a party to attend on Saturday.
Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.

3. In- Weeks, Months, Year and seasons
In is a preposition that helps us to specify the number of week, the specific month, year or seasons we want to talk about, let us see an example for each.

I will be back in two weeks.
I have a business conference in November this year.
I was born in 1988.
I love the weather in the winter season.

4. For- Period of time
For is used to denote a period of time.
Example: I have been taking swimming lessons for 8 months now.

5. Since: Denote the start time
It can be used to convey the time an activity started.
Example: I have been living in Mumbai since January 1988.

6. By – Not later than
By as a preposition denotes a deadline for an activity, it clearly states that the activity cannot exceed the specific time.
Example: You have to be home by 6 pm.

7. during and Within: These prepositions help us explain what happened during a period of time.
I met very interesting people during my vacation.
I must complete my examination within 3 hours.

8. Until/Till: Denote the end time
Until or till is used to denote the time that an activity will end.
Example: I want to watch Television till 10 in the night.

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