सीखों Prepositions of place (In, On, Behind, Beside, Across…) English Grammar Practice Lesson

This English Grammar practice lesson in Hindi will make you understand the concept of prepositions in English Grammar. This free online English video is an explanation of the need to get prepositions right in order to create meaningful sentences in English. Your English teacher Alisha has explained Prepositions in a very simple and basic manner as follows:

English Prepositions are words that express the relationship of a noun or a pronoun with all the other words in a sentence. They also provide additional information about the noun or the pronoun.The information that prepositions provide is mainly around the location or place of the noun, the time when a certain incident occurred and the direction of the subject.

English Trainer Alisha has presented simple examples of prepositions that indicate the place or position of the subject and they have been explained with sentences for better comprehension and usage.

Above: उप्पर
Example: I want to live above the 10th floor OR My marks are above average.

On: किसी चीज़ के उप्पर (जैसे टेबल)
Example: My book is on the table OR the bookshelf is above the refrigerator.

Beside: पास में
Example: My church is beside my school OR I live beside my school.

Near: पास में
Example: I live near her college.

Between: बीच में
Example: My office is between the lanes.

Behind: पीछे
Example: There is a tree behind your car.

Opposite: बिलकुल सामने

Example: I live opposite the police station.

Across: उस पार
Example: I live across the street.

In: अन्दर
Example: Please get in the car OR you have been playing all day, please get in the house now.

Underneath: बिलकुल नीचे (जैसे गहरे पानी की सतह पर)
Example: there is a new world underneath the ocean.

Under: किसी चीज़ के नीचे
Example: The cat is under the table.

Below: किसी चीज़ के नीचे
Example: His marks are below average.

The trainer’s collection of simple prepositions will enable learners to identify, understand and use prepositions appropriately.

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