सीखों 16 Golden English Phrases फिर नहीं कहेंगे English बोलना मुश्किल हैं

In this Fluent English speaking practice lesson in Hindi, you will learn 16 Golden English phrases which would make you a fluent English speaker instantly. These English phrases are regularly used by English speakers in their English conversation. These phrases are used under different situations and come handy while responding to different English questions. Practice these English phrases to Improve your English communication skills. You are watching Learnex with Michelle, where your learn everything in English through Hindi.

Thanks so much.

  • Thanks so much for the birthday gift.
  • Thanks so much for driving me home.

I really appreciate.

  • I really appreciate your help.
  • Thanks so much for cooking dinner, I really appreciate it.

Excuse me.

  • Excuse me sir, you dropped your wallet.
  • Excuse me; do you know what time is it?

I am sorry.

  • I am so sorry for being late.
  • I am sorry for hurting you.
  • I am really sorry, that I didn’t invite you for the birthday party.

What do you think?

  • What do you think, should we paint this room blue or yellow?

How does that sound?

  • We could have dinner at 6.00 & then do to a movie, how does that sound?
  • Let’s get a new car for going to the vacation, how does that sound?

That sounds great.

  • My mom is making Rajma Chawal for lunch; we could go to my house and eat. How does that sound?
  • That sounds fantastic.

Oh! Never mind.

  • Are you going to the market this evening?
  • No I am not going, but why? Do you need something?
  • Oh! Never mind, it’s okay, I will go tomorrow.

General Phrases

  • I am learning English.
  • My name is Sunita, and I am still learning English.
  • I just started learning English.
  • I don’t understand.
  • Sorry, I don’t understand, what you are saying.
  • Could you please repeat that?
  • You can give us a call any week day from 8AM -5PM at 555-25-08 Ext 331.
  • I am sorry, could you please talk slower.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

  • Rakesh, could you please make a coffee for me. I am very tired.
  • Thank you, that will help a lot.


  • Could you spell that for me please?
  • My name is Rebecca.
  • How do you spell that?
  • What do you mean?


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