👍 10 English Idioms To Answer Job Interview Questions Confidently

Hello English Learners, today I have a very interesting English speaking practice lesson for you. Today we  will learn Telephone English Phrases used in daily conversation. You will understand how you could use Hello in 8 different ways in your spoken English. Hello is an important word as it could make and break your impression. Hello is a very common everyday English greeting and we almost use it everyday. I will also tell you the History of Hello, why people started saying hello over the phone after Alexander Graham bell invented the phone in 1876. This is an interesting English story ( explained in Hindi) and I am sure you would enjoy it. At the English I have given you some smart English phrases with word Hello, that you could use, to improve your English and speak Fluent English confidently. Let me know in the comments, how you found this English lesson. 

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