मत कहो You are Stupid – Learn Smart English Vocabulary & Phrases for daily conversation

I am sure you must be using the word in your daily English conversation quite often, when you want to say someone is not so smart. But, is stupid the only word in your English vocabulary? In today’s English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Jenny learn 8 Smart English words and phrases to say ‘you are Stupid’ in English. This English lesson is a part of our English learning series मत कहो, where you learn new ways to say commonly used English words and phrases in everyday English conversation. Learning new English words and phrases makes you improve your English and speak fluent English faster and easily. It makes you sound confident in English and reflects good communication skills in public speaking. Your English teacher jenny has explained explained this lesson in Hindi for better understanding and the Hindi to English translation of phrases would help you remember phrases whenever you want to use them in your spoken English. We hope you would enjoy this English speaking lesson in Hindi and use the phrases to enhance your English fluency. 

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