Stop Speaking Basic English | Learn Advanced English Words To Replace GOOD

As a beginner in English you always have one question in mind – How long will I speak basic English, Can I ever Speak English Fluently? If this question is troubling you, you have clicked the right English learning video. In this English speaking practice lesson with Aakash, you will learn Advanced English speaking words to replace GOOD from your vocabulary to speak fluent English. If you want to become fluent in spoken English you ought to learn better English words and use them in your English conversations. Your English teacher Aakash will teach 8 better words for Good and how to use them in sentences, these sentences are from real life English conversations and you could start using them instantly as per the situation.

8 better words for Good.

Marvellous – अनोखा

  • Dogs have a marvellous sense of smell.
  • Alia Bhatt is a marvellous actor.
  • The store always has a marvellous sale all year around.

Valuable –  मूल्यवान

  • He gave me a valuable piece of advice.
  • Attending the workshop was a valuable experience.
  • Spending time with your was valuable, I learned so many new things.

Exceptional – असाधारण

  • Your  speech at the college event was exceptional.
  • He has exceptional video editing skills.
  • He is an exceptional English teacher, his videos are simple and easy to understand.

Splendid – शानदार

  • India’s performance in the world cup has been splendid so far.
  • YouTube is splendid platform to learn English online.
  • You apartment has a splendid view of the sea, I would love to spend a week here.

Stupendous – बहुत शानदार

  • Rahul has a Stupendous stamina, he can run 10 Kms at a stretch ( explain stretch)
  • I have to say you have  Stupendous java programming skills.
  • The skyline of Mumbai looks Stupendous from the sea link.

Acceptable – ये स्वीकार्य है

  • Your proposal looks acceptable.
  • Most shop keepers feel that 18% GST is not acceptable, it needs to be 12%
  • The hotel room looks acceptable, let’s book it.

Shipshape  (adj) ( neat and tidy / in good order) साफ़ सुथरा

  • Even after 6 years you car is in a shipshape condition.
  • Most of the apple refurbished laptops  are shipshape.
  • The Bachelors always keep the apartment all shipshape.

Rad ( adjective /slang)    Awesome / extremely exciting or good बहुत बढ़िया

  • I am rad about the new computer game.
  • I feeling rad about spending time with you.
  • Our trip to universal studios in Singapore was rad.
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