English Speaking Conversation Practice For Beginners & Advanced Students

A lot of my students ask me how can I speak English fluently faster. They tell me they know all the grammar rules but still can’t speak fluent English. I have a question to all such students, do they practice English conversations. Speaking English is different from written English. If you want to learn to speak fluent English you need to have a lot of English conversation practice. In this English speaking practice lesson with me, Aakash you will learn 5 smart English phrases used in real life conversations. I will provide you with situations in which you could use these smart English phrases to sound fluent English English.

At Learnex we always try to being you English lessons that are practical and useful in everyday English conversation to make you speak fluent English faster. Watch our library of English lessons covering topics such as English grammar usage, English pronunciation, Tips to improve your English, Improving English fluency, Situational English phrases, Building English vocabulary etc to speak English fluently and confidently.

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