Best Technique To Learn English Through Movies | Top 10 Films And Web Series To Speak Real English

In this English speaking practice lesson I will give you tips to learn English through movies/films and web series. I am sure you have watched a lot of videos recommending which movies to watch, but do you know the right technique to learn English through movies? This English lesson in Hindi will teach you the following-

  1. Why should you watch movies and films to learn English?
  2. What types of movies you should watch to speak natural English?
  3. 5 best practices, to learn English through movies.
  4. List of 10 Movies and web series you must watch to improve your English.

I hope you will find this English lesson useful and help you learn English in an entertaining and fun way. All the movies I have recommended are watched by me and are best to learn real English, slang words and vocabulary in context. Most of the movies are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you could always avail the trail offer to watch these movies.

Web series to improve your English-

  1. Money Heist –
  2. Suits – 
  3. Lost –
  4. Narcos –
  5. House Of Cards –

Movies to Speak Natural English-

  1. Flight –
  2. Sand Castle –
  3.  Love Actually –
  4. Catch me if you can ( 2002)  –

  5. Sound of music –
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