3 Tricks – How To Think In English | Speak Fluent English Without Translating

The fastest way to speak English is to directly think in English. Most beginners in English think in their native language or mother tongue and then translate sentences into English eg. Translating from Hindi to English. Translation into English has a lot of issues and English learners make a lot of mistakes while speaking English. 

In this English speaking Lesson with Aakash, you will learn how to think in English and stop translating sentences from Hindi. Your English Teacher will give you 3 tricks that are easy to follow and practice. His English speaking course students have been using these amazing tricks and are able to speak English fluently and confidently faster. These English speaking practice exercise are quite easy to follow and would go do them anywhere. So stop translating and follow these tricks to easily improve your English and Speak English fluently and confidently. 

These simple exercises would train your brain and force to think in English, so that you do get stuck in English conversations. It would help you develop you English through process to speak English with ease. Your English trainer Aakash has given you plenty of example about how you could use these tricks in your daily routine to improve your English faster. Also watch more English lessons in Hindi by Aakash covering topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Smart English Phrases, English pronunciation, Daily English conversation, British English, American English etc. You can follow the links mentioned below. 


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