What’s Inside Google’s Office? | YouTube EduCon 2019 Tour | Learn English With Aakash

Hey English Learners welcome to Leanex your favourite English learning channel to learn and practice English speaking through Hindi. Well, I don’t have an English lesson for you, but something you would love to watch, a complete tour of Google’s Los Angeles office. This is an amazing and creative office space made inside a Hangar ( parking place for helicopters and small planes) It’s a historic place and the Google’s and Youtube’s office is indeed unique. I will also give you a tour of the YouTube Educon 2019 where new learning features for the Education channels were launched, so that you could get better English lessons and learn seamlessly to speak English fluently and confidently.

Do watch our new English speaking Lesson series that are now arranged using the Youtube’s latest feature- The Learning Playlist , We have learning playlists covering topics such as English Grammar, English Pronunciation Lessons, English conversation lessons, English for specific situations etc, Find the links below to watch these learning playlists.

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