Question words in English (क्वेस्चन वर्ड्स इन इंग्लीश )

An interrogative word or question word is a function word used to ask a question, such as what, when, where, who, whom, why, and how. They are sometimes called wh-words, because in English most of them start with wh- (compare Five Ws). They may be used in both direct questions (Where is he going?) and in indirect questions (I wonder where he is going).

Who – हू
Wo are you? – हू आर यू?

What – वॉट
What is the time? -वॉट ईज़ द टाइम?

Where – वेर
Where are you? – वेर आर यू?

When – व्हेन
When is your birthday? – व्हेन ईज़ यौर बर्तडे?\

Why – वाइ
Why are you late? – वाइ आर यू लेट?

Which – विच
Which cake do you like? – विच केक डू यू लाइक?

How – हॉव
How are you? – हॉव आर यू?

What time – वॉट टाइम
What time is the meeting? – वॉट टाइम ईज़ द मीटिंग?

How much – हाउ मच
How much sugar do you want in the coffee? – हाउ मच शुगर डू यू वॉंट इन द कॉफी?

How many – हाउ मेनी
How many spoons of sugar do you want in the coffee? – हाउ मेनी सपून्स ऑफ शुगर डू यू वॉंट इन द कॉफी?

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