Day #4 πŸ—“30 Days To Powerful English Vocabulary

30 Days To Powerful English Vocabulary Series πŸ—“Day 01 – 30 (All Lessons)

This is the 4th lesson in the series – 30 days to powerful English vocabulary, a special English speaking practice lesson series to learn a new English word daily and understand how to use it in your daily English conversations. Until the Covid-19 Lockdown is over, I am sure this series would help you build a powerful English vocabulary and help you speak English fluently and confidently.

Make best use of the lockdown period to improve your English, after all once the lockdown is over, you have to return to the regular routine.

Today’s English word is Fervor, do you know how to pronounce this word and its meaning? Watch the complete lesson and find out. Don’t forget to answer the question I’ve asked you at the end of this video.

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