Reasons – Why is my English not improving? Speak English with confidence

In this English lesson ( explained in Hindi) Rima brings you 8 reasons about Why your English is not improving. You are trying your all the possible tricks to learn to speak English faster. You want to become fluent in English and speak English faster. But your English is just not improving, here are some useful tips to understand why your English learning process is slow and you are not able to speak English fluently and confidently. Watch the complete video till the end and understand where are you lacking in your journey to improve your English communication skills.

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You will not learn English by only learning Grammar

If you wish to learn speaking English faster, you need to quit learning only Grammar. Grammar is not necessary to speak English. English Grammar only makes you write correct English and not speak English. Grammar is important, but just don’t focus on learning Grammar.

Change your thought process – Learn to think in English

If you want to speak English fluently, you need to start thinking in English. If you think in English ( and not your mother tongue, your mind will get tuned to search English words naturally) and you would be able to speak English without any pauses and hesitation.

You are not practicing English

Practice makes Perfect – This is a very old saying. It could be any skill, to achieve perfection you need to practice regularly. Same applies to learning English. You need to practice speaking English in order to become fluent in English.

Change your negative attitude – Learn from your mistakes.

Change that negative attitude towards learning English. In your journey to learn English you would come across many obstacles. Just don’t give up, learn from your mistakes. When you try to achieve something, obstacles are bound to come, don’t be afraid. Have a positive mindset towards learning English.

You are not revising what you’ve learned.

So now that you have started to learn English dedicatedly, just learning won’t help. You need to practice and revise what you  have learned regularly. If you don’t revise regularly you would tend to forget most of the information as this human mind can hold on to the information only for a limited period of time.

Give dedicated time to learn English

I know you are busy and have no time, we all are busy  and our lifestyle is super hectic. But If you want to learn English faster you need to set aside a dedicated time from your day only to learn English. That time slot should be your opportunity to learn English. If your set aside a dedicated time slot, I am sure you are going to achieve your English speaking goal faster than ever.

You think you don’t need English

At times we are surrounded by an environment where speaking English is not required and we think that why do we need to learn English. That’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make. If you don’t have an environment to speak English, search for one. Look for opportunities, friends, people who could speak English with you.

I hope this English lesson is helpful to you in understanding why your English is not improving and you would take all the necessary tips from this English lesson to improve your English speaking Skills.

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