There is & There में क्या फरक हैं? – सीखों English Grammar

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1. There ___ many dogs in the park. 


2. There ___ sugar in the tea.


3. There ___   too much salt in the pasta.


4. There ____ three pencils on the table.


5. There ___ some children playing in the garden.


6. There ___ some children playing in the garden.


7. There ___ people on the bus even late at night.


8. There ___ many animals in the zoo. 


9. There ___ a calendar on the wall. 


10. There ___ one chair in the room, where do we sit.


11. There ____ two members staying in our society.


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In this English speaking practice and English Grammar lesson you will learn how to use the English phrases ‘There is’ & ‘There are’ correctly in daily English conversation. Improve your spoken English with our free spoken English lessons and learn to speak English fluently and confidently.

हम देर इस का उपयोग करते हैं सिंगुलर फॉर्म के लिए

We use there is for singular form

और देर आर का उपयोग करते हैं प्लुरल फॉर्म के लिए

And there are for plural form

सिंगुलर फॉर्म मतलब एकवचन

Singular form means talking about one

और प्लुरल फॉर्म मतलब आनेक्वचन

And plural form means talking about more than one

देर इस आ कप ओं द टेबल

There is a cup on the table

देर इस आ चारजर  इन द प्लग

There is a charger in the plug

देर इस नो प्राब्लम विथ दिस मोबाइल फोन

There is no problem with this mobile phone

देर इस आन इनकमिंग कॉल फॉर यू

There is an incoming call for you

देर आर टू पिज़ास इन दिस बॉक्स

There are two pizzas in this box

देर आर  एट टीम्स प्लेयिंग दिस इपल्

There are eight items playing this IPL

देर आर थ्री बॉक्सस अंडर द टेबल

There are three boxes under the table

देर आर नो मिस्टेक्स इन दिस आर्टिकल

There are no mistakes in this article

इस तरह से आप देर इस और देर आर का उपयोग अपने इंग्लीश सेंटेन्सस में कर सकते है

In this way, you can use there is and there are in your English sentences

और अपनी इंग्लीश कॉन्वर्सेशन में इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं

and in your English conversation.


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