There is/are + (Some/Any | Not | Contractions) को कैसे, कब और कहाँ USE करे?

‘There is’ and ‘There are’ are basic English Grammar structures you learn as a beginner in English. In this English Grammar Lesson in Hindi with Michelle, learn how to correctly use these sentence structures. Understand the grammar concept with Some & Many. How to use There is/are with countable and Uncountable nouns. Learn how to form Questions, Negative sentences and English contractions.

We hope this lesson will clear all your doubts using ‘There’ correctly is written and spoken English.

At Learnex, we always try to bring you English lessons that are translated into Hindi for better understanding, we make sure we teach you English for real life situation, in other words or English lessons are more focused on functional English. We don’t confuse you with complex English grammar rules, but rather teach you the usage of grammar in spoken English. On our channel you will find lessons on pronunciation, idioms, conversation that would help you to make your English better.

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