सीखो Telephone English phrases

In this English speaking practice lesson you will learn some useful English phrases used while speaking English over the phone. You are watching this video on Learnex with Michelle, where you learn English through Hindi.

Call up –  किसी को कॉल करना
I will call up Diksha today, I haven’t spoken to her for a very long time.

Pick up-  फ़ोन आंसर करना/ फ़ोन उठाना
I called up Diksha, but her Mom picked up the phone.
I am trying to call Diksha, but she is not picking up the phone.
Can I pick up this call, its from home.

Put through –  किसी की बात करवाना
Please hold the line I will put you through Diksha.

Hold on – किसी को रूकने के लिए कहना
Diksha is speaking with someone could you hold on for a minute.

Get back – वापिस फ़ोन करना किसी जानकारी के साथ
I don’t hane any information where is Rahul, can I get back to you?

Call back – किसी को बताना की आप उन्हें फिर से कॉल करंगे
I am busy at the moment can I call your back?

Switch off – फ़ोन बंद करना
I tried calling you but your phone was switched off.

Turn on – फ़ोन को चालू करना
The phone is updated you can now turn on the phone.

Breaking up – फ़ोन पर आवाज़ काटना
I am not able to hear you clearly, your voice is breaking up.

Hang up – कॉल ख़तम करना
I have a lot of work to do, I need to hang up now.

Get off – फ़ोन से दूर रहना
You have an exam tomorrow, get off the phone and start studying.

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