मुश्किल English Words के Pronunciation सीखने का आसान तरीका

This English Speaking practice video is a sequel of the English Pronunciation and Syllable Stress Part –1 & 2 video. In this free online English speaking video in Hindi your English Teacher Alisha, has laid emphasis on, the words and the importance to break them into syllables/parts and finally the stress on the right syllable, to pronounce the word in the right manner. This method help you improve your English pronunciation and speak English fluently and confidently.

Your English Trainer Alisha has also introduced words with 1 syllable (monosyllabic words) 2 Syllable and 3 syllable words. She has shared a quick way to practice syllable stress by just the clap of hands in the first 2 parts of the lesson and viewers are requested implement the tip.

This free online video is the 3rd part of the trainer’s attempts to present the key to pronounce English words correctly without any hesitation, irrespective of the length of the word. Trainer Alisha is well aware of the fright learners have with lengthy words, and it can be easily curbed with a simple tip of breaking the word into syllables and placing the stress on the right syllable.

A compilation of words that have 5 and 6 syllables have been broken into parts and explained with a sentence to understand not only the right way to say the word, but to also fathom the meaning of the word. She has quickly done a revision of the concepts of pronunciation, Syllables and Stress in this video. The message in the video is to attempt to break words into small parts that will not only help learners to read and understand; but will also aid their ability to spell the word correctly.

Words with 5 Syllables:

  • Anniversary – An-ni-ver-sa-ry
  • Photosynthesis – Pho-to-syn-the-sis
  • Personality – Per-so-na-li-ty
  • Electricity – E-lec-tri-ci-ty
  • Individual – In-di-vi-du-al
  • Invigilator – In-vi-gi-la-tor
  • Communication – Com-mu-ni-ca-tion

Words with 6 Syllables:

  • Responsibility – Res-pon-si-bi-li-ty
  • Accountability – Ac-coun-ta-bi-li-ty
  • Encyclopedia – En-cy-clo-pe-di-a
  • Deteriorate-De-te-rio-ta-te
  • Veterinarian-Ve-te-ri-na-ri-an
  • Microbiology- Mi-cro-bi-o-lo-gy
  • Enthusiastically – En-thu-si-as-ti-ca-lly

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