Suppose & Supposed to का Difference समजो

Suppose and supposed to are two very common words in spoken English and people makes mistakes while using them in English conversations. These are common mistakes made in English speaking while learning English as these two words sound similar in their pronunciation and people think they can interchange and use them. But, they are completely different and their meanings are different in English. In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Michelle you will understand the different meanings of the word ‘suppose’ and the grammar rules about how to use supposed to correctly in spoken English. You are watching this video on Learnex, where you learn English through Hindi. We have a library of English lessons in hindi specifically designed for Hindi speakers and competitive exams. Access through our pool of free English classes covering topics such as – English Grammar course, English conversation, Communication skills, Vocabulary, English practice, English speaking for the real world, Spoken English tips to improve you English, Personality development, IELTS training & Coaching, Job interview skills and much more to help you speak fluent English faster and better. 

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