‘SEE’, ‘LOOK’ & ‘WATCH’ में क्या difference हैं?

Hello subscribers, welcome once again to your favourite YouTube channel where you learn English through Hindi. In today’s English lesson you will learn something very basic, yet important. The difference between the words See, Look & Watch. These words seem to be similar, although there’s a lot of difference between them. Learn the correct use of these words in your spoken English, so that you don’t make any mistakes while using them in your English conversation. This lesson is explained in Hindi and is ideal for those who want to improve their spoken English.

See – यूही दिखने वाली चीज़ों के बारें में बताने के लिए

  • I see her every day at the station.
  • I saw her in the market yesterday.

Saw – Past tense of ‘See’

  • Did you see my phone anywhere?
  • No, I didn’t see.
  • I probably saw it on the dining table.
  • I see that building every day while going to the office.

‘See’ is also used to point out something important.

  • As you can see…
  • As we saw at yesterday’s meeting.
  • Oh! I see.
  • I could see it coming.
  • No one saw it coming.
  • I can see trouble ahead.

We also use ‘See’ when we meet someone.

  • I went to see the doctor yesterday.
  • I want to see her.
  • You may need to see a senior doctor.

‘See’ is also used to ‘ensure’ something. (पक्का करना)

  • I will see to it that everyone eats the cake.
  • I will see to it that everyone reaches on time.

Look – तै करके देखि हुई चीज़ों के बारें बताने के लिए  

  • Look how big that tree is.
  • She was looking at me.
  • I never looked at her before.

Look – Present tense | Looked – Past tense | Looking – Present continuous tense

Look – कुछ खोजने के लिए   

  • I was looking for my watch.
  • I was looking for you.
  • We should look for more options.
  • She looked at me, I looked at her.

Look –  कोई खोशीश बयां करने के लिए 

  • I will look to find a better job next time.
  • I was looking to bargain more.

Look – किसी बात की अपेक्षा जताने के लिए

  •  I look forward to meeting you again.
  • I am looking forward for tomorrows match.
  • We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Look –  किसी वास्तु या व्यक्ति का Impression बयां करने के लिए 

  • He looks quite rich.
  • She was looking tired in the morning.
  • Your new dress looks very nice.
  • This new hair style looks good on you.

Watch – ज्यादा देर देखि जाने वाली चीज़ों के बारें में बताने के लिए 

  • I was watching a movie yesterday.
  • I watch TV.
  • Keep a watch on him.
  • We are going to watch tomorrow’s Cricket match.
  • Watch closely.
  • You are not watching.
  • I watch online videos to learn English.
  • Watch and learn.

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