Questions Tags In English Grammar With 20 Verb & Tenses  (Be, Auxiliary, Modal Verbs) For SSC CGL

Question tags are very useful in spoken English, they are generally used to confirm something. Most beginners in English do not use question tags, as they find them a bit tricky. In this English grammar lesson in Hindi with Aakash, you will learn complete grammar concept of forming question tags with more than 20 verb and tenses such as The be verb, Auxiliary verb, Modal verbs, Do verb, Normal verbs etc.   Questions tags are also asked in popular exams in India such as SSC CGL/ Banking.

This English lesson would be extremely useful and would cover the following points –

  1. Complete concept of question tags.
  2. Word stress and Intonations in question tags
  3. Rules to form positive and negative question tags.
  4. Using question tags with all verb forms and tenses such as Be verb, Modal verbs, Auxiliary verbs etc.
  5. Plenty of example sentences for each tense and verbs.

This English Grammar Lesson is helpful for students appearing for competitive exams such as Bank PO, SSC CGL, CAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

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