Prepositions TO & FOR – Learn the difference – English Grammar Lesson in Hindi

English practice lesson to learn the difference between the prepositions To and For. This English Grammar lesson in Hindi will teach you how to use these two prepositions correctly in spoken English with the help of English sentences. Students often make mistakes in English while using prepositions and form grammatically incorrect English sentences. Learn how to use to and for with nouns and verbs and different English tenses.  This English speaking lesson in Hindi is brought to you by Learnex where your learn English through Hindi. Practice the English sentences from this lesson to improve your English and speak confidently.

When to use ‘To’ & ‘For’ in English sentences?


To – जगह या दिशा बताने के लिए

  • I am going to the office.
  • We are going to our hometown.
  • I want to go home.
  • Let’s go to our place.
  • We are all going to watch a movie.
  • Can you please drop me to my house.

To – समय बताने के लिए

  • It’s quarter to five.
  • My office hours are 9 to 5.
  • Let’s go for a 6 to 9 show.
  • I will reach in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • I work Monday to Friday.

To – दूरी बताने के लिए

  • It’s about 3.5 KM from my house to the station.
  • It’s 1400 KMS from Mumbai to Delhi.

To – (compare) तुलना करने के लिए

  • I prefer Chinese cuisine to Italian.
  • I prefer working to sleeping.
  • I prefer working at home to office.

To – रिलेशन बताने के लिए

  • This ingredient is very important to your recipe.
  • My answer to your question is in the box.
  • Do not over react to every little thing.

To – सीमा या अंत बताने के लिए

  • He climbed up to the roof.
  • The stock prices rose up to 50,000 Rupees.

To – किसी इंसान को संकेत देने के लिए

  • Please handover this to Mr. Malhotra
  • I don’t speak to him.
  • Give it back to me.
  • It belongs to me.

How to use ‘For’ in English sentences?

For – के लिए

  • I faked a cake for you.
  • This place is for students.
  • She worked hard for the project.
  • I am so happy for you.

For – वक़्त बताने के लिए

  • He has been famous for many decades
  • I did the English course for few months.
  • This is all I have for you today.

For – किसी व्यक्ति के बारें में बताने के लिए

  • I will work for you.
  • I am saying for your betterment.
  • I will wait for you.
  • Should I save some for you?

For – सहमति जताने या पूछने के लिए

  • Are your for or against me?
  • I am for plastic ban.
  • I am for gender equality.

For – कारन बताने के लिए

  • Let’s go out for lunch.
  • Let’s go for shopping tomorrow.
  • I am studying for the exam.
  • I work to earn money.



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