Polite sentences in English – English lesson explained in Hindi

In this English speaking lesson you will learn how use ‘Polite sentences in English’. Using polite sentences helps projects you as a gentle person and liked by all. So practice the sentences given below, your trainer Rima would explain you in detail how to use these sentence in your daily English conversation.

Polite sentences for practice :

I hope I am not disturbing you?
आइ होप आइ अँम नॉट डिसटरबिंग यू

Is this a good time to talk?
ईज़ दिस अ गुड टाइम टू टॉक ?

Can I please interrupt….
कॅन आइ प्लीज़ इंट्रप्ट…..

Please excuse the delay.
प्लीज़ एक्सक्यूस द दिले

Could you please repeat?
कुड यू प्लीज़ रिपीट?

I am afraid, that is not possible.
आइ अँम अफ्रेड, डॅट ईज़ नॉट पॉसीबल

I will have to excuse myself.
आइ विल हॅव टू एक्सक्यूस माइसेल्फ

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