Past Perfect Tense (in Hindi) – Using ‘HAD’ correctly – English Grammar Practice Lesson

Hello Subscribers, welcome to Learnex (Hindi) where you learn English through Hindi. Today we have an English Grammar lesson for you, where you will learn about the Past Perfect Tense. In the previous lesson we have taught you about the Past Tense and you have been using it in your daily English conversation, but the Past perfect tense is often used in spoken English. It is quite simple to learn this tense, your trainer Sonia will explain how to use it correctly.

Past perfect tense is used in two situations in English

  1. When you are sure that some even in the past is completed. ( बीते समय में कोई घटना घाट चुकी हैं )
  2. When some event has already happened and along with that something else also took place but in the past. (कोई दो घटनाये बीते काल में साथ घाट चुकी हैं)

To form sentences in the past perfect tense you will always use ‘had’ in your sentences along with the third form of the verb (V3)

For example –

I had seen you yesterday in the mall. (मैंने तुमे कल मॉल में देखा था.)

In the above sentence, we have used ‘had’ and the third form of the verb ( seen is the  3rd form of the verb see)

If you say “I seen you yesterday in the mall” would be wrong.

She had slept(3rd form of sleep) by the time I reached (3rd form of reach).

मेरे घर आने तक वेह सो गई थी

We had met (3rd form of meet) her when she was a kid

जब वेह बच्ची थी तब हम उसे मिले थे.

They finished (3rd form of finish) the project before time.

उन्होंने अपना प्रोजेक्ट समय से पहले ख़तम किया

He had eaten (3rd form of eat) lunch, when I reached (3rd form of reach)

जब में पोहचा वह खाना खा चूका था

Tina had watched (3rd form of watch)  the movie before I asked (3rd form of ask)  her.

मेरे पूछने से पहले तीन वह फिल्म देख चुकी थी

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