Native Speakers की Fast English को समझो – Informal Contractions – Wanna, Gotta, Gonna

Beginners in English find it difficult to understand fast native speakers as they use a lot of informal contractions in spoken English such as Gonna, Gotta, Wanna, Gimme, Gimme. These informal English words confuse students as they have never heard these English words. They start to think this is some different form of speaking fluent English. Well these words are often used in American English and you would hear them a lot in American Movies and TV series. In this English pronunciation lesson with Aakash you will learn how to combine words and form informal contractions. This English Practice lesson in Hindi is a good practice to develop your listening skills in English. Although these words are never used in Formal English or written English. You need to pay close attention to the pronunciation of these words and understand how to pronounce these contractions perfectly to understand native English speakers and speak English fluently and confidently. At Learnex we always make sure to bring you easy English lesson, that you could use to speak fluent English for the real world. We have a variety of English lessons covering topics such as – English Grammar, English conversation lessons, Correct English Pronunciation, Tips and trick on How to learn English faster and an easy way. Watch more than 500 English practice lessons in Hindi, that are specifically translated in Hindi for better understanding for Hindi medium students to improve their spoken English and speak English fluently and confidently.

  • Never used in correct speech. 
  • Never use them in writing.
  • You can use them in sms and Whatsapp, with friends.
  • But not in formal text messages.
  • Normally used in speaking fast.
  • Used in casual conversation.
  • Very common in American English.
  • They never take a (‘) while writing

Wanna  – want a / want to 

  • Do you want a coffee?
  • Do you wanna coffee?
  • D’you wanna coffee?
  • Ya wanna coffee?
  • Wanna coffee?

Gimme – Give me

  • Gimme your pen
  • Gimme ya pen
  • Don’t gimme that answer. .
  • Can you gimme a hand?
  • Can ya gimme hand?

Gonna – Going to

  • Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.
  • Nothing’s gonna change my decision.
  • I’m gonna tell you the truth.
  • What are you gonna do?
  • Watchya gonna do?

Gotta – have got to

  • I’ve gotta go now.
  • I gotta go now.
  • I gotta book my tickets.
  • I gotta lose some weight.

Kinda – Kind of ( more or less) lagbug

  • She’s Kinda cute.
  • He’s kinda …. Good at that.
  • They are kinda rich.
  • This shirt is kinda new.

Lemme – Let me

  • Lemme help you.
  • Lemme go now.
  • lemme me make my own decisions.
  • Lemme open the door for you.

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