रोज़ बोले जाने वाले ‘GO’ के different meanings और 60 English conversation Sentences

Go is a very common word in English and probably you learned it when you were a kid. It’s one of the words you started to speak English when you were learning English as a child. But, do you know that ‘Go’ does not just means to be away, in the English language, it could have many different meanings when combined with different English verbs, the meaning is completely different from its original meaning. In this English speaking practice lesson, you will learn how to use the word ‘Go’ in many different ways and plenty of English practice sentences to speak English fluently and confidently. Your English teacher Myra has explained this English speaking lesson in Hindi for better understanding so that you are not lost and could use the phrases from this lesson instantly to speak fluent English naturally.


Go – जाना / जाओ

Go there.

Why did you go there?

You should have gone there.

Gone – Past tense of Go

I want to go home.

I want you to go.

They want to go together.

We both will go together.

Go for – के लिए जाओ

You should go for it.

Go for a thin crust pizza.

Go for a mix platter.

I am going for a party.

Go + ing (Going) – जा रहीं हूँ (Present continuous tense)

We should go for a vacation.

He sings so well, he should go for a singing competition.

He should go for the win.

I think, I will probably go for a black colour bike.

Go on – जारी रखना

Go on with your presentation.

Go on please; continue with what you are saying.

Priya won’t be able to go on with her job.

You should go on, listen to your heart.

They won’t be able to go on like this for too long.

Go on – कुछ होना

What’s going on there?

What’s going on with you nowadays?

Something new is going on.

Go on – किसी काम की progress बताना

They asked me, how the project was going on?

My vacation is going on well.

The function is going on at the moment.

Goes/Go in – में जाना

All my money goes in paying my house rent.

All my time goes in household work.

Half of my salary goes in paying bills.

Go away – चले जाओ

Go away from here.

I want to go away from here.

Go with – साथ जाना / अच्छा लगना

This bag goes with my dress.

Does this tie go with my shirt?

Priya goes with her husband.

We are going with our old plan.

Go without – के बिना जाना

I can’t go without you.

I can’t go without taking money.

Go along – साथ जाना

Go along with him.

You go along, I’ll come.

Go ahead –  आगे जाओ

Go ahead with your decision.

Go ahead of the traffic signal and take a left.

Go Through –  तलाशी लेना / के माध्यम से / जाना / सहन करना / सोचना / जाचना / कायम रहना

Why were you going through my wardrobe?

I was going through last year’s papers.

Go through the notes carefully.

Nowadays, you have to go through agents for every work.

The soldiers have to go through a lot.

I will go through what you said.

I will go through your resume` and let you know.

She maintained her stand despite going through a lot.

I’ll have to go now, so we have to end this lesson.

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