One Word, Two Pronunciations, WHY? Learn Correct Word Stress

People say English is a confusing language, do you agree with them? I am sure many of you would agree. But I have a different point of view, which I will present through this English lesson. English is the most easiest language to learn and master. Much easier than the regional English languages. Today I have a much interesting lesson for you, many of my students get confused with the pronunciation of daily used common English words. Their spelling is same but pronunciation is quite different, which changes the meaning of that word totally. And, often these words are mispronounced. In English verbs and nouns are pronounced differently although their spelling is the same. It’s the game of stress in a word, if you know which part of the word to stress correctly, you are all sorted and never make any mistakes in pronouncing words. Join me in this lesson as I will clear the confusion and help you pronounce some commonly mispronounced words correctly.

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