Learn Smart English Phrases To Say ‘I HAVE NO MONEY💰

If you want to speak English fluently, you need to remember some smart English phrases that are mostly used by native English speakers and people who speak fluent English. It’s time to move from Basic English speaking and learn advanced level English to improve your English fluency and speak confidently and clearly. In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Aakash, you will learn some useful English phrases for daily English conversation, whenever you have to say ‘I don’t have money’

Sometimes, when you directly tell people ‘I don’t have money’ offends them. This is a common problem with beginners in English as they know only limited English vocabulary and phrases that makes it difficult for them to express their thoughts correctly in spoken English. At Learnex we always make sure that you learn English in a fun way and learn English that you could use in your daily life and improve your English communication skills faster. This English speaking course is explained in Hindi for better understanding with enough practice sentences that are translated to Hindi so that you are not lost understanding the meaning.  

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I am broke.( slang term) 

  • My friend, I will postpone buying a laptop as I am broke.
  • I wish I could lend you money, I am broke myself, as it’s the end of the month.
  • Don’t spend all your salary on that phone, you will go broke for the entire month.

Not A Penny /rupee To My Name  – कोई बचत नहीं है

  • Even after working for so many years, I do not even have a rupee to my name.
  • During college, when I didn’t have a rupee to my name, I hardly went out with friends.
  • He used to be rich, but after the major business loss, now he doesn’t have a rupee to his name.

Living Paycheck To Paycheck – Living salary to salary – गुज़ारा हो रहा हैं/ डाल चावल चल रही है 

  • I cannot afford to buy a bike, I am living pay check to pay check.
  • You have to do something about your situation, how long will you live pay check to pay check.
  • We can’t set aside money for investment, as we are already living pay check to pay check.

Barely Making Ends Meet –  मुश्किल से जुजरा हो रहा हैं 

  • Most middle class people are able to barely make ends meet.
  • With my current job I am able to barely making ends meet.
  • I am thinking of shutting down this business as I am barely making ends meet.

Strapped For Cash – Temporary – तंगी चलना 

  • Would you mind paying the dinner bill? I am little strapped for cash at the moment. 
  • Could you lend me Rs 1000, I am strapped for cash. 

Short On Cash –  ज़रूरत से कम पैसा होना 

  • I can’t come with you on the trip, I am short on cash.
  • I am short on cash to pay my credit card bill.
  • He is always short on cash, I wonder what he does with all the money he earns.

Bankrupt – दिवालिया

  • Jet airways had to ground all it’s flights after going bankrupt.
  • If the company doesn’t keep their expenses in control, they would soon go bankrupt.
  • ( Fun way) I am bankrupt, until I get my salary 

Things Are Pretty Tight – पैसों की तंगी होना – कुछ होने के बाद 

  • After the dometization things were pretty tight.
  • Things have become pretty tight after I lost my job a month back.

Money Is Tight – Related to business – ज़रूरत के मुताबिक़ Profit नहीं होना / sales नहीं होना / पैसा अटक जाना 

  • The boss said ‘Money is very tight’, salaries will be paid next week.
  • We cannot renovate the office right now, as money is tight.
  • The money is tight, we have to do something, shall we reduce our product prices?

Down-And-Out – कंगाल हो जाना/ बर्बाद हो जाना/ ग़रीब हो जाना 

  • He was down and out after losing all in money in the share market. 
  • The start-up was down and out in the first year of business.
  • Inspire of having a good job, he always looks down and out. 

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