How to develop self-confidence (7 best tips) – आत्मविश्वास को कैसें बढायेंगे

Hello, English learners welcome to a Personality Development session where you would learn 7 best tips to develop your self-confidence and never say I lack confidence. In today’s lesson you are not learning English, but some useful tips with your English teacher Jenny that would be certainly useful for you if you are looking to gain back your lost confidence. This video highlights key points why people lack confidence such as negative thinking, always thinking about the past mistakes, always keep comparing themselves with others, low self-esteem about their appearance etc. Jenny explains to you how you could overcome these obstacles and develop your personality and be confident, no matter what the situation is you are ready to face it. So are you ready to get started? The key elements covered in this personality development video are –

How to develop self-confidence?
आत्मविश्वास को कैसें बढायेंगे

Identify your negative thoughts.
अपने नकारात्मक विचारों  को पहचानिए

Turn your negative thoughts to positive.
अपनी negative सोच को positive में बदलिए

Stop comparing yourself to others
दूसरों से अपनी तुलना करना बंद कीजिये

Recognize your insecurities.
अपनी असुरक्श्तायों को पहचानिए

Set more achievable goals.
हासिल करने लायक उदेश्य बनाये

Put care into your appearance
अपने प्रदर्शन पर धयान दे

Bounce back from your mistakes
अपनी गलतियों से सीखिये


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