Learn English Through Breaking News 🔥🔥 Election & Politics Vocabulary.

Hello English learners, I hope you are on with your English speaking practice and making efforts to speak English fluently. A lot of you had asked me in the comments – How to learn English through TV news channels and news papers, which TV channels should I follow to improve English. Well As it’s the Election time in India, I thought of making an English speaking practice lesson in Hindi on Election vocabulary, some common English Phrases and words you often hear on news channels, and wonder how to use them in daily English conversation to talk about Elections 2019. I have shortlisted some interesting English words and phrases that you would love to use in your English speaking to become more fluent in English. I hope you would love this spoken English lesson, it will help you with the following: – 

  1. Learn new words related to Election and politics.
  2. How to use words used by News Channel TV anchors.
  3. The correct pronunciation of these words with example sentences.
  4. How to learn English through News.
  5. To become fluent in English and speak fluently and confidently.

Do watch the complete lesson and let me know in the comments, what do you think about it. Also let me know which one is your favourite English word. We have more than 1200+ English lessons covering topics such as English Grammar, Tips to learn English the right way, English pronunciation practice, How to crack IELTS exam, Doubt clearing sessions, Accent training lessons, Difference between American English and British English etc. For complete English speaking course and more lessons, visit the links mentioned below.

Agenda – मुद्दा 

National security, Unemployment and agrarian distress is the main agenda foe many politeical parties this election.

National security – राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा

Agrarian Distress is always raised in political campaigning, but no action is taken on ground.

Unemployment – बेरोजगारी

Agrarian Distress – कृषि संकट / Kisaano ki muskile

No action on ground – जमीन पर कोई कार्रवाई नहीं 

Campaigning- चुनाव प्रचार

During political campaigning the candidates lock horns at their opponents and defame them.

Opponents – विरोधि candidate

Lock horns – To disagreee / To quarrel

Defame – बदनाम

Grand Alliance – घटबंधन 

In spite of having difference many political parties come together to form a Grand alliance during elections.

Zero tolerance –  शुन्य सहनशक्ति 

Every political party should have a zero tolerance approach towards terrorism and women safety. 

Synonym – Uncompromising Stand. – लड़ने का पक्का निश्चय 

Bastion – इलाक़ा, चुनाव षेत्र 

My city has remained (Party’s name) bastion since 2005.

Polarise – To divert the agenda on one topic.

Often Elections are Polarised on one party’s agenda and important issues are ignored. 

Political Ideology  – राजनैतिक विचारधारा 

I would cast my vote only to a party with progressive political ideology. 

Cast my vote – वोट देना 

Progressive – प्रगतिशील

Bandwagon – लहर/ 

During Elections many candidates change parties and join the bandwagon.

Summon – To order to be present – उपस्थित होने आदेश देना 

Many candidates were summoned by the election commission for their controversial speech.

Controversial  – विवादास्पद

To draw an ire – क्रोध 

Primetime news channels have become a platform to draw an ire by the party’s spokes persons. 

Impersonate – उनके जैसा बन जाना 

Many candidates impersonate common people to convince voters.

Violation – उल्लंघन करना 

Many candidates are charged of violating the model code of conduct. 

To  Shoot back at – जवाब देना 

Social media especially Twitter is the best platform for ministers to shoot back at each other.

Manifesto – घोषणापत्र

Before you vote, carefully read the party’s manifesto.

Flooding Victory –  Big win / बड़ी जीत 

It seems this party will get a flooding victory and will form the government. 

Marginal Victory –  कुछ ही वोटों से जीतना 

He won the elections, but with a marginal victory. 

Public’s Verdict- जनता का फैसला

Whichever party gets a good public verdict will form the government at the centre.


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