Learn English On The Go! Improve Your English Vocabulary & Practice English Through a Vlog

Hey English Learners welcome to one more English speaking Lesson. In today’s English Lesson you will learn some interesting English vocabulary through a travel vlog I shot in Los Angeles, California. I will teach you some interesting English words as I explore them. Watch how to operate Amazon Hub lockers and learn some English expressions and phrases. I always find opportunities to teach you something new to improve your English so that you could speak English fluently and confidently. 

Also watch our new English Lessons that are now arranged using the Youtube’s latest feature- The Learning Playlist , We have learning playlists covering topics such as English Grammar, English Pronunciation Lessons, English conversation lessons, English for specific situations etc, Find the links below to watch these learning playlists

New Youtube English Courses –
👉Real World Communicative English

👉English Grammar Usage Lesson Series

👉English Pronunciation Lesson Series

👉Building English Vocabulary Series

👉Situational English Lesson Series

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