Learn Correct English Pronunciation of words ending in -OUGH & -AUGH

Here comes one more English pronunciation lesson in Hindi to improve your English pronunciation and learn how to pronounce words ending in -OUGH & -AUGH correctly. Beginners in English often make errors in English pronunciation with suffixes, this English lesson is a part of our English pronunciation series to correct mistakes made in English pronunciation and improve your English fluency. English is a foreign language and the way native speakers pronounce English words is different from the pronunciation you hear in India, as Indian English pronunciation has a huge mother tongue influence and students don’t speak English language in their daily English conversations, so they find difficulty in in pronouncing differult English words correctly. Your English teacher Michelle has explained you the nearest English sound in Hindi to help you improve your Pronunciation and pronounce words like native English speakers. This Spoken English lesson would help you improve your accent and fluency making you more confident in speaking English.

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