Stop Saying ‘YES’ ✋ – Learn 20 Other ways to say ‘YES’. English Speaking Lesson in Hindi

If you want to improve your English fluency and speak smart and fluent English faster, expand your English vocabulary and learn new English words and phrases for daily English conversation. In today’s Spoken English Lesson in Hindi with Aakash you will 20 Other ways to say ‘YES’ in different situations in your daily routine English conversations. Aakash has explained this lesson in the question and answer format, where ‘Yes’ in the answers is replaced with smart English phrases. We hope you find this lesson useful and use these phrases to sound more confident in English speaking.

Practice Phrases from the Lesson: –

I have an extra ticket for the IPL final match, would you like to come along?Even if I hate you, I would say yes to this one.

I will meet you at Starbucks, let’s go together on my bike.  Sure thing sir!

Let’s catch a train, we will reach faster, there’s too much traffic. As long as I’m safe, I don’t mind.

In my opinion ,all nations should draft strict policies against terrorism. I agree to the fullest.

Would you like to join me on the Europe trip? Well, Life’s too short to be saying no. 

After all discounts, my final offer is Rs 35000/- for this phone. What do you say? Then, let’s seal it with a handshake.

Will you take care of my dog this evening? If I say yes, will you give me a million bucks?

Let’s go for a long drive this weekend. Even my dog is saying yes.

This apartment fits our budget and is near to our office. Shall we rent it? What are we waiting for? Let’s close the deal!

You look different, did you colour your hair? Hey you noticed. I Thought you’d never ask!

You should invest in this Mutual funds, you would get great returns. Let’s say I agreed to this. But, can I still change my mind later?

We need to put some more money aside for marketing? You get my vote on this.

We need to submit the tax returns by tomorrow evening, can you stay back and tally the accounts? You’re not giving me that much of a  choice, are you?

Can we reschedule our meeting for Monday? Let me check my schedule first. Oh, I’m available.

Would you like to represent our college in the inter-college debate next month?It would be my honour.

No more sick leaves, else be ready to get fired. I roger that.

I want you to help with my wedding preparation. Your wish is my command.

You look too tired to cook, let’s go out for dinner. It appears that you have read my mind.

This computer you have selected is only available in silver colour, the new stock will arrive in a month’s time, are you okay to wait? I don’t have a choice, do I?

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