Lean English For Daily Conversations – Habits के बारे में कैसे बतायेंगे?

You  are learning English so that you could speak English in the Real world. It’s possible that you know all the grammar rules and you can even write correct English, but when it comes to speaking fluent English, you some how can’t speak fluent English. You get stuck or get nervous while speaking English. Well friends, I have a solution for you, Learn English as per the situations you face in daily English conversations. In today’s English Speaking Lesson we will learn how to talk about our habits in English. I will teach you some fixed English phrases for Real-life English conversations.

Make sure your understand these phrases, as I will also translate them in Hindi for better understanding, make a few changes and use them in your spoken English, I am sure they will help you to speak English fluently and confidently. All the Best!


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