How to use ‘May’, ‘Might’ & ‘Must’ in spoken English?

Today we are learning English through Hindi because lot of students find it difficult to speak English fluently, as Hindi is their mother tongue. In this English lesson with Michelle you are studying an English grammar lesson to talk about possibilities in English. This English speaking lesson covers how to use May, Might and Must in Spoken English.


Meaning 01: This is used to ask formal permissions. 

May I come in?
क्या मैं अंदर आ सकता हु?

May I say something now?
क्या मैं कुछ कह सकता हु अब?

May I ask one question?
क्या मैं एक सवाल पूछ सकता हु?

May I join you?
क्या मैं तुम्हारे साथ चल सकता हु?

Meaning 02-  Used to suggest something that is possible:

She may agree with this plan.
वो शायद तुम्हारे प्लान से एग्री करे.

It may rain this evening.
आज शाम को बारिश हो सकती हैं.

They may be late.
वो शायद लेट हो सकते हैं.

It may be a good idea to join the course.
कोर्स ज्वाइन करना शायद अछा होगा.

She may not like your ADVICE.
हो सकता है उसे तुम्हारी सलाह न पसंद आये.

I may be wrong.
हो सकता है मैं  गलत हो.


Meaning: Might is the past form of “May” and it tells us about the possibility for something to happen.


He might have finished the work.
हो सकता है उसने काम ख़तम कर दिया हो.

I might go see a doctor.
हो सकता है में शायद डॉक्टर को मिलने जाऊ.

I might not come this time.
हो सकता है मैं इस बार न आऊं.

He might be right.
वो शायद सही हो.

You might have lost the keys.
तुमने शायद चाबी खो दी हो.

The store might have been closed today.
हो सकता है आज स्टोर बंद हो.


Meaning 01: Used to express something formally required or necessary.


I must complete the project by this week.
मुझे इस हफ्ते काम ख़तम करना पड़ेगा.

You must answer my question right now.
तुम्हे मुझे अभी जवाब देना पड़ेगा.

Meaning 02:  Used to show that something is very likely.

He must be a genius.
वह ज़रूर जीनियस होगा.

You must be joking!
तुम ज़रूर मज़ाक कर रहे होंगे.

She must be very tired.
वह ज़रूर बोहोत थक गयी होगी.

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