How to say Good Bye in English?

In this spoken English lesson you will learn useful English phrases to say Good bye in English. Just saying good bye is not enough, it may sound rude, what else can you say, that’s what you are going to learn in this English lesson.

Dialogue for practice :

Rita : I need to leave. It was great meeting you.
ऑय नीड टू लीव . ईट वॉज़ ग्रेट मीटिंग यू.
Vivek : Same here.
सेम हियर
Rita : Let’s keep in touch.
लेटस कीप इन टच
Vivek : Why not?
व्हाई नॉट?
Rita : Do you have my number?
दू यू हैव माय नंबर?
Vivek : Yes, I do
यस, ऑय दू .
Rita : Okay, Bye for now.
ओके , बाई फॉर नाउ
Vivek : Bye.
Rita : See you later.
सी यू लेटर
Vivek : Take care.
टेक केयर

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