मत पूछों ‘How Are You’ – सीखों 10 नए Greetings in English

How are you? This is the most common English question asked to offer Greetings in English OR Asked when you meeting someone for the first time. It’s the fist question any one would ask to start a conversation. Don’t you think it’s dull and boring? In this English Speaking Lesson in Hindi learn 10 Stylish ways to greet people or offer greetings in English. These English phrases would help you greet people in a creative way and showcase that you have a good knowledge of the English language and speak English fluently and confidently. Don’t make the mistake of asking these questions at a Job Interview. This English speaking practice lesson with Meera covers some slang , formal, informal and fun ways to greet someone in English. We hope you would enjoy today’s English lesson, to learn English with Meera and access more such interesting videos, click on the links mentioned below.

This English Lesson is a part of our English speaking course in Mumbai. At our English speaking classes in Mumbai and Thane we offer a variety of English classes for each level of English. Our Spoken English course consists of four aspects of learning English – Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.

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