Second Conditional Sentences – Using If, Would & Past Simple Tense

Conditional sentences in English are extremely important to learn in English Grammar, as it allows to speak about situations that are imaginary in nature. In my last English lesson I taught you first conditional sentences using the word ‘IF’ and the correct sentence structures to use it correctly in English. In today’s Grammar Lesson, I will teach you the second conditional sentences used in daily English conversations. Pay close attention to the sentence structure and Grammar rules as these sentences are often used in daily English speaking and beginners in English and even advanced English speakers make some common mistakes in English Grammar using conditionals. When we think about a situation in the present or future that is hypothetical, unlikely to happen or impossible to happen, we use:

If + Past Simple, …Would + Verb

We use a vermin the past tense though are imagining a situation in the present or the future to be different.

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