How to speak fluent English? ‘COME’  के साथ  English sentences

In this English speaking practice lesson, you will learn some useful English sentences with the word ‘Come’. You will learn phrasal verbs with ‘Come’ , as phrasal verbs are very useful in English communication and most of the native English speakers use them in their English conversation.

Come on – साहस देना  / उत्साह
Come on you can do it, don’t lose hope.

Come along  – साथ चलना
Come along with me to have an ice-cream.

Come off –  उतरना
The paint is coming off the wall.
The handle has come off.

Come back – वापिस आना
What time is the meeting?
Can I come back to you on this?
I will come back at 8 tonight.

Come over –  किसी के घर आना
If you cover after school tomorrow, I will help you with the homework.

Come up – किसी बात का जीकर करना
I am so sorry, I can’t meet you, something has come up last minute.

Come up with – बहाना बनाना
Whenever I tell you to do something you come up with some excuses.

Come close – पास आना | लगबग
Don’t come close to the hot iron.
The movie was so boring that I came close to getting out mid-way.

Come on time –  समय पर आना
Please come to meet me on time.

Come right back –  में अभी वापिस आता हूँ
Excuse me, I will be right back after this call.

Come to a decision – नतीजे पर आना
You have to come to a decision about your career.

Come to an end – समाप्त
I can’t believe the college has come to an end.

Come to life- यादे ताज़ा होना
My college memories have come to life after meeting you.

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