How to form English Questions? आम जानकारी प्राप्त करने वाले सवाल

Asking questions in English is a very important of English conversation. In this English speaking practice lesson you will learn how to ask questions in English to seek information. You will learn simple English structures for asking general English questions used in daily English conversation. Learn using ‘can you?’, Could you?, Would you?, Can anyone tell me?, Could anyone tell me?, I would like to… etc. to form simple English questions to find information. Learn how to ask formal and informal English questions.

आम जानकारी प्राप्त करने वाले English questions

Can you tell me?

  • Can you tell me what the time is?
  • Can you tell me where the bakery is?
  • Can you tell me how to go to the station?
  • Can you tell me when the match will start?

Could you tell me?

  • Could you tell me something about this product?
  • Could you tell me where the other ATM is?
  • Could you tell me what time the mall will open this weekend?
  • Could you tell me
  • How to do this exercise?

Can anyone tell me?

  • Can anyone tell me when the bus will arrive?
  • Can anyone tell me who the manager here is?
  • Can anyone tell me why the store is closed today?

Could anyone tell me?

  • Could anyone tell me who has the locker keys?
  • Could anyone tell me where the principal’s office is?
  • Could anyone tell me how to use this printer?

Do you know?

  • Do you know how to use this feature on my phone?
  • Do you know anything about (Microsoft) Excel?
  • Do you know who is interested in sports in our office?

Interested – दिलचस्पी होना

Do you have any idea?

  • Do you have any idea about how to use a tab?
  • Do you have any idea when the sale will end?
  • Do you have any idea why your team is playing so badly?

Is there any?

  • Is there any good Chinese restaurant in the area?
  • Is there any new Android phone in the market?
  • Is there any problem going on in the office?

I would (I’d) like to know…

  • I’d like to know how to get admission in this college.
  • I’d like to know what the timings of this Gym are.
  • I’d like to know if there is any job opening at this company.

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