English Grammar Lesson – Parts Of Speech & Their Correct Use With Example Sentences

In this English grammar lesson you will learn basics of English language i.e, Parts of speech. We divide English words into 9 basic types such as- Noun, verb, Adjective, Determiner, Adverb, Pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection. These all are collectively called word classes or parts of speech. This English lesson will explain how they play an important role in English sentence structure.

This lesson is perfect to begin learning English grammar, many of you might know these parts of speech when you started to learn English as a beginner. Even though, you are at the advanced level of English, this lesson will be a good brush up for you.

Also have a look at my basic English speaking course that I am starting online through Google Meet. This English course is specifically designed for beginners in English who struggle to construct correct grammar structures, it will help you learn grammar usage for daily English conversation.


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