DARE (हिम्मत) से जुड़े 40 English Sentence सीखों

Dare is very commonly used in spoken English. It reflects someone’s potential or capability to do something, often referred to challenging someone.  In this free English speaking practice lesson in Hindi you will learn how to use the word ‘DARE’ in different situation while speaking English. You will learn how to use –

  1. Dare to
  2. ‘Dare’ in negative sentences and questions
  3. Using ‘How’ with ‘Dare’

Pay close attention to the sentence in the video and practice them with your teacher Michelle, so that you could use them in your English conversation to sound fluent and confident in spoken English.


How dare he get angry on you?

If you dare, go and tell her, I love you.

Dare – किसी कार्य को करने की हिम्मत

I dare you to learn English.

Learn different meanings of ‘Dare’.

  • Dare to – कुछ करने की हिम्मत
  • He dares to stand in front of you.
  • She did not dare to disobey her parents.
  • You do not dare to say a single word against him.
  • Did she dare to tell about her affair in front of ever one?
  • He will not dare to resign from the job.
  • Will you dare to complain against your boss?
  • She did not dare to kill the cockroach.
  • She did not dare to tell him the truth.

Using ‘Dare’ in negative sentences & questions.

  • He dare not stand in front of you.
  • I dare not take such a strict step.
  • She dared not go to the kitchen alone in the dark.
  • She dared not ask her mother for more money.
  • I dare not hide anything from my wife.
  • I dare not see tears in anyone’s eyes.
  • Dare she say no in front of you?

Using  – How + Dare

  • How dare you touch me?
  • How dare he say this to you?
  • How dare you speak like this to your father?
  • How dare she leave office before time without my permission?
  • How dare he doubt my loyalty?
  • How dare she blame me for lying?

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