English Conversation About Movies with Teena Singh & Kabir

Welcome to this special English speaking practice lesson with #Teena Singh & Kabir as they talk about their upcoming Bollywood movie ‘The Window’ releasing on the 10th Nov 2017. Watch the complete lesson as they talk about some interesting instances about their new movie and teach you some great English vocabulary that could be used in your daily English conversation.

English Sentences and Vocabulary from the video –

Shopping for life – अकेले सफ़र करके अनुभव इकट्ठा करना

Take a stand – एक पक्का निष्चय करना

God Father –  राह दीखने वाला इंसान

Cinematography – छायांकन
The cinematography is an art of filming a movie with the camera.

Actor – A performer in the film

Scenic – A Beautiful setting

Mysterious –
Teena’s character in the film is extremely mysterious.
Mysterious – रहस्यमय

My character in the film, Maya is an extremely mysterious character.

Physiological issues – मनो वैज्ञानिक परेशानिया
Lekh has some Physiological issues.

Thriller – रोमांचक

To be on the edge – सस्पेंस से भरपूर

Well written – अच्छी स्टोरी लाइन
A well written film will always reach out to the audience & connect with them.

Captivating –  मंत्र मुग्ध करने वाला
Maya’s character in the film (The window) is very captivating.

Live life on own terms – अपनी मर्ज़ी से ज़िन्दगी जीना

Soft vulnerable side – अंदर से इमोशनल होना

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